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Tinting and Tanning

Enhance your brows and lashes with a professional tinting application* or why compliment your Gemology Body products with a natural glow from the award winning hand application St Tropez Tan. 

*Essential patch test required 24 hours before for any tinting application! 


£10 Eyebrow Tint

£15 Eyelash Tint

£30 Eyelash/Eyebrow Tint and Shape 


All of our tans include a full body exfoliation prior to treatment and a hand application tan.

£35 Half Body

£60 Full Body

With every tanning appointment receive a complimentary Gemology Facial Trial  Kit. 

Patch Test

Patch tests are required before every tinting treatment to ensure no allergic reaction occurs. You must have a patch test prior to every treatment even if you have visited us before. 

What our customers are saying

Having my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted allows me to go make up free when on holiday and not having to worry about my make up smudging!

Sharon- Caton